Pork Cheeks


6 Cans

Marinated pork cheeks from Dutch origin, simmered in delicious dark beer.

You can buy a can per piece at the Sligro’s in the Netherlands. On the webshop only for sale per tray of 6 cans. One can consists of approximately 300 gram pork neck and 75 ml of beer and is sufficient for 2 people.

Delivery from April 11, 2022.

Curious how to prepare this dish? Click on the video below.

Looking for a recipe? Click here.

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To prepare our Pork Cheeks, open the can and heat the full content in a frying pan over low heat. Heat this thoroughly and reduce the sauce to a glaze. Flip the meat and spoon the sauce over it from time to time for the optimal result. It should be ready in about 6 minutes. Check out the cooking video, subtitled in English.